One of several opinion pieces written for Crain’s Chicago Business on
strategies for advancing women’s leadership.

WILL counsels law organizations on strategies for women lawyers to become influential leaders in the public square. The WLL purpose is to increase these lawyers’ value to their firms by creating external personal networks of powerful decision makers−who can become firm clients and advocates−and by making valued contributions to the public good that then inure to the firm’s benefit and enhance its reputation. Here is a video interview with me that explains the program.

WLL is a unique approach to breaking down the stalemate in women’s leadership in the law, tracking the strategy male lawyers have deployed for decades: building external bases of power and friendship that yield personal loyalty, business alliances, and professional opportunities of benefit to them and their firms. Additionally, WLL addresses the competition to “Big Law” from women and minority-owned firms, (also) positioned to “fulfill [corporate] diversity goals.” WLL can be built into professional advancement seminars, diversity and inclusion retreats, women’s-initiative events, or other firm gatherings. WLL teaches participants how to build a powerful public presence;

  • select the issue or cause to advocate
  • create a winning “campaign” to lead on that issue
  • build a diverse decision maker network of influencers in a variety of professions
  • identify unique opportunities to leverage one’s “candidacy”
  • convert colleagues in the public square into advocates of one’s business   
  • maintain the currency of one’s brand and main message (through bad, as well as good, times)
  • be an effective spokesperson and media commentator

WLL training sessions may be complemented by counsel to the sponsoring firm, to:

  • place its women lawyers in valuable civic positions  
  • promote the civic leadership of its women lawyers through media relations and marketing initiatives
  • design client-development events that expand interest in its women lawyers

For a downloadable brochure about WLL, click here.

Below is a brief summary of my professional background, an introduction to readers of this page.

My career has spanned executive positions−in business, government, philanthropy, and the not-for-profit sector−where she has earned a reputation as a smart and inspirational leadership strategist. Her 2018 book, Vote Her In, makes the case for American women’s executive power in every sector of American life. My earlier book, Every Day Is Election Day: A Woman’s Guide, is the road map for every woman who aspires to be somebody, to win a special place in the public square. For more information, visit here.