Reviewers are fired up for Vote Her In.


  • Katherine Baicker, Ph.D., Dean, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy

 “Sive takes her years of dedication to advancing women’s political careers and causes and turns them into a call to action—along with some of the practical tools needed for real and rapid progress.”

  • Jessica Yellin, former chief White House correspondent, CNN

 “Vote Her In is an inspiring, savvy, and persuasive take on why America needs more female leadership now. Sive offers not just the analysis, but also the practical steps every woman and man can take to help women get into the C-suite and the Oval Office—and she argues that the time to do it is now.”

  • The Hon. Lisa Madigan, Attorney General, State of Illinois

“Rebecca astutely explores a critical question: If we believe in justice for every American, will we work to elect women to public offices across the country, including the presidency? We must!”

  • Linda Hirshman, New York Times best-selling author, Sisters in Law

 “Vote Her In bravely takes up women’s political drama where the story left off in November 2016. It is the necessary call to action at the highest level to take the highest jobs in the land, including the presidency. Sive uses resources old and new—including the wonderful posters from the women’s marches—to create a substantive and appealing guide for this last push. We can do it.”

  • The Hon. Toni Preckwinkle, President, Board of Commissioners, Cook County (including Chicago, Illinois) 

 “As president of Cook County, the second-largest county in the United States, I know how important it is for women to be in executive decision-making governmental positions. Women in positions of leadership bring an important perspective too often lacking in our male colleagues. Rebecca Sive has made the case convincingly in Vote Her In for increasing the number of women in such governmental roles, which will surely lead to better lives for America’s families everywhere.”

  • Aviva Rosman, Co-founder and COO, Ballot Ready

“At a moment when women across the country are running for office in record numbers, Sive energizes and inspires with her incisive, powerful guide to democratic action. The time for a woman president in America has come. Vote Her In is leading the charge.”

  • Ruth B. Mandel, Ph.D, Board of Governors professor, director of the Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers University, and founder Center for Women and Politics 

 “Sive’s passion for action leaps out of these pages. Her message is straightforward: Don’t give up! Keep climbing up! Run to win! Run to lead! Inspire by example!”

  • The Hon. Kim Foxx, State’s Attorney, Cook County, Illinois

 “Far too few women, especially women of color, have the opportunity to become political leaders. Let’s #VoteHerIn, as Sive’s inspirational guide so powerfully argues.”

  • Jessica Springer and Chandler O’Leary, authors, Dead Feminists: Historic Heroines in Living Color

 “An inspiring, insistent manifesto, Vote Her In blends action steps and herstories energized with women’s march slogans that give us more than just hope. Women must grab their allies and act NOW to take the reins of political power, rather than continuing to wait our turn. Blending eye-opening gender-bias statistics with inspiring sheroes from Abigail Adams to Mavis Staples to the Notorious RBG, Sive clearly shows the only path to equality requires electing Madam President.”

  • The Hon. Anna Valencia, Clerk, City of Chicago

 “Vote Her In shines an important light on the need for more women in leadership at all levels of elected government, particularly in our country’s highest office: the US presidency. Combining her years of political expertise and insightful interviews, Sive lays the groundwork for a plan that we can use to get more women in executive leadership roles in our government.

  • The Hon. Jan Schakowsky, Member, U.S. House of Representatives

“The United States is ready to elect our first woman president. We proved that in 2016. My friend Rebecca has now given us the new campaign plan. Let’s do it!”

  • Heather Booth, feminist and civil rights leader

“The rising of women can mean the rising of us all. Sive knows how to make that happen!”

  • Julie Scelfo, author, The Women Who Made New York, and contributor, The New York Times

“As Martin Luther King Jr. taught us, ‘Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.’ In other words, the first female president of the United States will be elected when we, the people, do the work of making it so. This handy guide, which draws on the leadership of Chicago’s badass women’s march participants, shows us how to get the job done—and have fun in the process. Vote Her In is an indispensable tool for activists of all ages and experience levels.”

  • Robin Marty, author, Crow after Roe: how “separate but equal” has become the new standard in women’s health and how we can change that, and contributing writer, Cosmopolitan, Politico, and elsewhere

 “At a time in the nation when every civil right is in danger of crumbling to dust, Vote Her In is a persuasive and inspirational visual and political manifesto reminding us that what we really need to fix this nation is one strong, competent woman in charge.”

  • Helaine Olen, author,  and contributor, Washington Post

 “Vote Her In presents an ironclad argument for why the United States needs to up the number of women in elected office—and then provides the entertaining and informative road map to show us how we can make it happen. A vital and important read!”

  • Anne Moses, founder, Ignite

 “A must-read for anyone who wants to understand why the United States has fared so poorly with regard to gender parity in political leadership.” —Anne Moses, president and founder, IGNITE

  • Erin Vilardi, founder and director, VoteRunLead

 “Chock-full of helpful tips and actions, and inspired by the protest signs seen at the 2017 Women’s March in Chicago, Sive gives us a colorful, hopeful viewpoint on why we need to vote a woman into the White House once and, especially, for all.”

  • Marcia Greenberger, founder and co-president emerita, National Women’s Law Center

“Rebecca Sive’s new book impressively combines inspiration and practicality, setting out why now is the time for a woman leader of our country, and how we can  make it happen.”