Women’s History Is A World to Be Fought For


Ida Tarbell: Jane Addams' editor, journalist, muckracker, feminist: 1857-1944
Ida Tarbell: Jane Addams’ editor, journalist, muckracker, feminist: 1857-1944

Dear Reader:

March is Women’s History Month. To celebrate, I’m posting a favorite image of one of my favorite American women, Ida Tarbell. Just this past week I learned that Tarbell was Jane Addams’ editor for Twenty Years at Hull-House, Addams’ autobiographical account of a groundbreaking approach to solving urban problems, the “social settlement.”    
You can read more here. And/or, you can join me here, when I will be discussing Addams’ work.  If you’d like to attend, please write to me at: rebecca@rebeccasive.com.
Happy Women’s History Month.

Kantor Book Kerfluffle Misses the Point: Michelle Obama Could Be This Generation’s Eleanor Roosevelt

Dear Readers:

I confess:  I couldn’t resist writing about the latest Michelle Obama as “angry black woman” dust-up. So, I did.

My piece was published yesterday by RH Reality Check, as well as by Huffington Post Politics.

I hope you’ll read it, and tell me what you think, as well as share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. For, on the serious side of things, 2012 is an historic year, presenting unique opportunities for every American woman, beginning with the First Lady, to help turn this ship of state around.

Take care, happy new year, and happy January, month of the birthday (I share it) of Thomas Paine (one of my main heroes); way cool.

Best wishes.