Gold-medal Strategies for Women Abound

Donna de Varona at the Tokyo Olympics inspired my enthusiasm for women’s Olympic swimming. (Check-out the fabulous picture of her at the link to: “Olympics swimming.”)

Later, I became fascinated by the Olympics’ gymnastics competition. I loved it this year because of the performances of #Gabby Douglas and #Aly Raisman. That was on top of loving the women’s swimming, especially Missy Franklin’s races.

In Winning the Race for Choice? We Need Missy “the Missile” Franklin’s Gold-medal Strategy for RH Reality Check and On the Matter of Gabby Douglas’s Hair, or for That Matter, My Kinky (Jewish) Hair for Huffington Post Style, I wrote about Douglas and Franklin, two women who embody the characteristics I most admire: grit, discipline, intelligence and a commitment to a cause larger than themselves.

#Chris Jansing shared their stories, and those of these Olympics’ other great women, in a piece #Brian Williams aired last night, which he summed-up this way:  “Strong is the new pretty.”

Best wishes.

Rebecca Sive

What Does Sarah Palin Want? Looks Like She Has What She Wants.

What Does Sarah Palin Want? It Looks Like She Has What She Wants.

Dear Readers,

Last week, I was quite amused by the frustration of the (mostly male-pundit) mainstream media as it chased Sarah Palin around, wondering what she was up to and where she was going–both literally and figuratively.

By contrast, I thought she was pretty clear about what she was up-to. So, I wrote the piece at the link above.

Then, I scored a new and unexpected notch on my belt when various conservative outlets picked-up the piece. I’m now waiting for invitations to speak!