Robin Kelly Winning Jesse Jackson Jr. Seat Textbook Case for Women Running for Office

Dear Readers:

Continuing my Women’s History Month documentation, here is a link to my latest writing on a Chicago woman who has made history. That would be Robin Kelly.

In the piece, I posit that women win the same way men do; that there is no special dispensation for being a woman candidate. But when a pro-women woman wins, all women win.  I hope you’ll read, share, tweet and post.

Best wishes.


Women Execs Can Take Lesson from Those in Public Service

Dear Readers:

Women Execs Can Take Lesson from Those in Public Service is the message of a letter-to-the-editor from me in this week’s Crain’s Chicago Business. I was prompted to write when I read their recent editorial regarding the precipitous drop in “diversity” at McDonald’s, when a senior woman executive left.

Here was my hook for recommending action; yours’ too, I hope:

When an acknowledged diversity leader can let go of one woman, however, and see the female representation in its C-suite drop by 50 percent, it shows that the electorate, which sent 11 women to the Senate this month, is moving faster than corporate Chicago.”

Time to suit-up,” as Barbara Mikulski recommends!



Deal With It, Girlfriends: Bill Clinton Teaches Women Candidates How to Win

Dear Readers:

There was a lot to learn from watching the two political party conventions and the speeches at each. But the consensus seems to be that Bill Clinton’s speech was the best of the lot.

I agree with my political guru, @TheFix, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza:  Bill Clinton’s speech was one for the ages.

When I thought about why Bill Clinton’s speech was so great, I got right to thinking about him and his political gifts, and what emulating them could mean for my favorite politicians: women.

Here is the piece I wrote for Huffington Post Politics (it can now be found on the Huff Post Bill Clinton page; what a gas) and RH Reality Check trying to get a handle on this.

All the best.