It’s (near) Jersey-Shore Time for #everydayiselectionday

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Growing-up in New York-just-over-the-border-from-New-Jersey, people talked longingly about “going to the shore.” That would be the Jersey Shore.

Along that way, one passes New Brunswick, the state’s capitol, and most important to #girlpolitics, the home of the Center for American Women and Politics, part of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University.

Founded by the gifted Ruth Mandel, director of Eagleton, now led by Debbie Walsh, the center is the center of the women and politics universe. Beautifully, it researches, educates, trains and mobilizes women for public leadership, including recommending Every Day Is Election Day for the nightstand and book shelf of every woman and girl who seeks political power and influence.

Says Debbie: Every Day Is Election Day is a fabulous resource for any woman considering a run for office or anyone committed to advancing women’s leadership and political participation.” 

Debbie and I won’t have time to go to the shore Monday, but we will join Caroline Casagrande, who represents New Jersey near-the-shore and is featured in Every Day Is Election Day, at the Barnes & Noble in North Brunswick, to talk women’s leadership and political participation.

Thanks to Dennis Wurst of national Barnes & Noble for wonderful book-tour support, and a shout-out to Miriam Libove, indefatigable B&N North Brunswick community relations manager.

A story Miriam placed: “Activist, author urges women to lean in to politics,” offers-up a preview of the discussion we’ll have.

Best wishes.

RebeccaIt's Jersey Shore Time for #everydayiselectionday

More Woman-to-Woman Races Around the Nation

Dear Readers,

So, go to the above link, posted by one of my favorite places, the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers, for some great current and historical info re upcoming woman-to-woman races, e.g., Carly Fiorina and Barbara Boxer in California.

Have a wonderful weekend.


“Poised to Run: Women’s Routes to State Legislatures”

Dear Readers,

Here’s a link to an important new study, from the Center for American Women and Politics, about women running for public office: “Poised to Run: Women’s Routes to State Legislatures”:

A lot of this rings true to me. So, if you have a friend/friends thinking about running for office (!), encourage her/them to read this report.

And, if you have male political colleagues in positions of political party power, ask them to step-up-to-the-plate, and help out. It’s (past) time.

Here are the report’s big conclusions:

•” Women Need to be Recruited.

“Women need to be encouraged to run for office. Women are more likely than men to run for office because they were recruited rather than deciding to run on their own.

• “Political Parties Matter .

“It is critical that women candidates attract party support. Women who reach the legislature usually do so with the support of their parties.

• “Organizations Help Women Run.

“Organizations are encouraging women to run for office, but they have not been the most important source of encouragement for women’s candidacies. Organizations, including women’s organizations, could be more active in candidate recruitment.

• “More Women Can Run.

“The pool of women candidates is larger than is commonly believed.

• “Resources are Important.

“More funding and training can help women win.”


For more information, go to: