Back to the Future on Gay Marriage

Dear Readers:

I became a “gay voice,” upon the publication of this Huffington Post piece the other day.

I hope you’ll read this take on the latest in the 2012 presidential campaign, albeit in the social issues version of the campaign, not in the what-to-do about the economy version.

I didn’t focus on the fact until after the post appeared that I was writing on the eve of Mother’s Day. No matter: Most of all, this post pays tribute to my mother (and father). You’ll understand better when you read it.

Best wishes.



Mississippi Goddam? Not so fast.

Dear Readers:

Mississippi Goddam was first sung by Nina Simone on an album she released in 1964, marking the beginning of her career as a “civil rights singer.”

I can’t remember when I first heard it, but the song jumped-to-mind last week, as Mississippians were voting on the “egg-as-person” initiative.

As I wrote in my piece, Nina Simone Said Mississippi Goddam: I Thought It, thankfully, Mississippians had the good sense to vote-down this foolishness.

My piece was first published by RH Reality Check, as part of its comprehensive coverage of “egg-as-person.”

The coverage includes a particularly good piece by #Political Girl’s pal, Ellen Chesler, on the heroic efforts of #Planned Parenthood. Ellen’s message: Look-out, anti-choice politicians. I love it.

Mississippi Goddam? Not-so-fast.

Best wishes.


P.S.I was so pleased the piece was picked-up by Alternet, Daily Kos and Firedoglake, among others. Thanks to all of you.