(Re)born on the Fourth of July


Dear Readers:

I’m a cornball at heart. And, though I could tell you oh-so-many reasons why (at the top of the list is an immigrant mother who I have seen kiss American soil), this picture says it all: unique, strong, creative, quirky, smart, funny, and patriotic, notwithstanding: that’s what I aspire to. This young woman has it all.

Indeed: she was the only young person with her own “float” in the Watervliet, Michigan Fourth of July parade. As Steve and I walked down Main Street after the parade, I saw her hugging her rabbit (it is in the wagon in the picture) and overhead someone ask her whether she would be showing her rabbit at the Van Buren County (Michigan) Fair. Yes, indeed, she would be, she replied.

Like the parade, we never miss the fair, if we can help it. It is a treat. I recommend finding one in your neighborhood.

Happy July and feel free to go here for another take of mine on why being patriotic matters.

Best wishes from #GirlPolitics,