Paul Ryan and Todd Akin Force a Lifesaving Choice for Republican Women Voters

Dear Readers:

Todd Akin, Paul (“I’m as pro-life as a person gets”) Ryan: #GirlPolitico Jodi Jacobson described them this way: “It is always the case that when you finally think right-wing fundamentalist anti-women politicians can not get any crazier… they do something to prove you wrong.”

But, they aren’t just crazy; they are the enemies of all women — Republican as well as Democratic.

Meeting in Tampa, Fla., ahead of next week’s National Republican Convention, the (Republican) party’s platform committee on Tuesday adopted a policy statement calling for a ban on abortion without an exception for rape.” Yet, “Only 6 percent of the Republican women in the (Missouri senate race) poll said they planned to vote for McCaskill.”
As I wrote in this piece published in RH Reality Check, the question in these times is whether Republican women — in Missouri and elsewhere — will come to their senses and take into account what the 2012 presidential and congressional election is all about: “Will the Republican women voters of 2012 recognize this presidential election for what it really is for every American woman voter: a referendum on the very notion of what a woman can be in this day and age?

I hope you’ll read RH Reality Check and share your thoughts with me.

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