Girlfriends: When Men Are Deciding What Women Should Have, It’s Time To Head for the Hills (and Make a Plan) | RH Reality Check

Girlfriends: When Men Are Deciding What Women Should Have, It’s Time To Head for the Hills (and Make a Plan) | RH Reality Check

Dear Readers:

Jodi Jacobson, editor of RH Reality Check, asked me to write a piece about the latest contretemps over access to birth control.

Yup, can you believe it: We’re talking about access to birth control in 2011! Well, that’s exactly the point of the piece. Pathetic, really, the times we’re in.

You can find the piece at the link above. I hope you’ll share it and encourage friends and colleagues to do so, as well as to make their feelings known to official Washington and to their Catholic voter-friends.



Pro-choice Jewish women are instrumental to President Obama’s re-election

Dear Readers,

After contemplating the horrifying notion of pro-choice Jews voting for a likely-anti-choice Republican presidential candidate, because they don’t like President Obama’s views on Palestinian statehood, I wrote the piece at the link above.

Thanks to Jodi Jacobson, editor of RH Reality Check, who posted it this morning.

Anyway, I really, really hope you are a reader of Jodi’s. She does amazing work.

Then, when you have a chance, go to today’s New York TimesIt discusses President Obama’s strategy of seeking votes in Colorado, say, because Ohio and other states like it are proving tough at the moment.

This is exactly why I’m suggesting that Jewish, pro-choice women voters are so important to President Obama’s election. We are Democrats through and through, and we live in Ohio and other big, tough “rust-belt” states. (Remember: Winner takes all in the Electoral College. Every vote counts.)

A happy new year to all and most especially to President Obama.

Best wishes.


Enuff-already with this almost women’s suffrage month banana republic episode

Dear Readers,

I have no idea whether “our politics,” as President Obama terms it, would be better, or worse, if women were the leaders dealing with America’s current economic crisis. 

However, since I don’t subscribe to the view that women are better, or kinder, or less combative than men, I’m guessing that just like President Obama is fighting hard with everything he’s got, a Democratic woman President would be, too. 

Sadly–notwithstanding this commitment of the President to the rest of us–today, an important conference call, with HHS Secretary Sebelius–regarding the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation that family planning assistance be provided at no cost– has been postponed: One (more) piece of important national business thrust aside, as this tragic chapter drags on.

Would a woman President have directed her HHS Secretary to postpone this particular meeting? I don’t know this, either, obviously. However, in this fact context, I think it’s worth thinking about why women choose to run for President. 

 My July blogging for Huffington Post Women focused on just this question: See here.

When Betty Ford passed away earlier this month, I was moved to write about the bully pulpit First Ladies have. [This piece struck a chord with both Daily Kos and Firedoglake, which I was quite pleased about.] 

Now, as we approach the anniversary month of women’s suffrage, let’s hope our leaders, all of them, can get back on track, and get done the things that need doing; say, helping Secretary Sebelius provide better health care for American women.



What Does Sarah Palin Want? Looks Like She Has What She Wants.

What Does Sarah Palin Want? It Looks Like She Has What She Wants.

Dear Readers,

Last week, I was quite amused by the frustration of the (mostly male-pundit) mainstream media as it chased Sarah Palin around, wondering what she was up to and where she was going–both literally and figuratively.

By contrast, I thought she was pretty clear about what she was up-to. So, I wrote the piece at the link above.

Then, I scored a new and unexpected notch on my belt when various conservative outlets picked-up the piece. I’m now waiting for invitations to speak!



American Girls with American Political Dreams

Dear Readers,

Here is a question that I posed to you before; worried me for weeks this winter; still does, if you want to know the truth.

In light of the shooting of Gabby Giffords and the death of Christina Taylor Green, are there still young American women out there who dream of political office?
So, I wrote this piece about Gabby Giffords and Christina Taylor Green: American Girls with American Political Dreams.
You may have seen it in my occasional newsletter, but, for Women’s History Month, I’ve posted it here, too.