From BP Massacre to BP Massacred.

Dear Readers,

Here is the link to my featured piece in today’s Chicago edition of the Huffington Post.

Among other places, the piece also appears on OnEarth, the wonderful NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) web site, the WTTW Chicago Tonight website, Buzzflash, the USA Today subject page re the Great Depression (keep reading at the link, and you’ll see why), and, of all places, on the Madison Square Garden website, which, lately, has been picking-up my work. (Maybe I can get a ticket the next time Beyonce plays there:).

Seriously, this isn’t funny, but laughing to keep from crying is part of the “mo” right now.

As I’ve advocated before, do feel free, if you haven’t yet, or, if you have, to express your views, get involved, and other wise help out. It’s that important, as the President reminded us yesterday and today.

Best wishes.