Sweet Home Chicago, the University of, That Is

Dear Readers:

It’s been wonderful to develop a relationship with the University of Chicago over the past year, beginning with my teaching a course on women in public leadership at the Harris School of Public Policy.

In April, I joined Toni Preckwinkle, President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, for a program on “Chicago style” politics and breaking the glass ceiling, part of the school’s Institute of Politics programming. What a treat that was.

To top-off the school year, I’m pleased to be doing a book signing and talk at the university bookstore, during this week’s upcoming Alumni Weekend. The graphic below contains all the details. Graduates, or anyone else in town who would like to share views on this hot topic (that would be women in politics), do invite your friends and join me.The more heads we put together, the better!

Best wishes.


P.S. Blues fans in the house: here is my favorite version of Sweet Home Chicago.