“Why Are There So Few Women Governors?”: International Women’s Day Edition

Dear Readers:

Netsch, Dawn Clark

A giant among us passed this week:  Dawn Clark Netsch, friend and hero to so many.

There have been many terrific tributes. I’ve posted a lot of them on my Facebook page. There are also a lot of as yet publicly-untold stories friends have shared all week. (Perhaps, I’ll start sharing them here.)

Here, in a piece entitled: Why Are There So Few Women Governors,” by Carol Felsenthal, Dawn’s groundbreaking career is captured in the largest possible context: why do so few political women have (all-caps-merited’) EXECUTIVE POWER?

Yes, more women need to run for office, and, yes, more women in government’s decision making rooms will matter, but what will matter most to our future is having more women in positions to make executive decisions.

I recommend Carol’s piece to you and ask you to share it.

Best wishes.


Women Execs Can Take Lesson from Those in Public Service

Dear Readers:

Women Execs Can Take Lesson from Those in Public Service is the message of a letter-to-the-editor from me in this week’s Crain’s Chicago Business. I was prompted to write when I read their recent editorial regarding the precipitous drop in “diversity” at McDonald’s, when a senior woman executive left.

Here was my hook for recommending action; yours’ too, I hope:

When an acknowledged diversity leader can let go of one woman, however, and see the female representation in its C-suite drop by 50 percent, it shows that the electorate, which sent 11 women to the Senate this month, is moving faster than corporate Chicago.”

Time to suit-up,” as Barbara Mikulski recommends!