No More Women on Top?

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In the aftermath of last month’s Susan Rice drama, @HuntsmanAbby hosted a HuffPost Live segment,”No More Women on Top,” in which I participated, along with (Amanda) @ATerkel, Huff Post senior political reporter and politics editor. That day’s question: Does this mean no woman at State, Treasury or Defense, (the big three)? This day’s answer: Looks like.  (See today’s New York Times article,Obama’s Remade Inner Circle Has an All-Male Look, So Far.“)

I summed up my view of the Rice matter, and how women can win, in this piece: (Once Again), Hillary Clinton Teaches Us How to Run the Table (Are You Listening, Susan Rice?). If I do say so myself, please heed.
Meanwhile on the topic’s — that would be women in power — upside, and for your viewing pleasure (can’t get enough of this picture), see this.  Friday, I again joined Huntsman; this time to: “Meet the Class.” That would be the class in this picture.

Best wishes. It’s going to be a rocking 2013.


Deal With It, Girlfriends: Bill Clinton Teaches Women Candidates How to Win

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There was a lot to learn from watching the two political party conventions and the speeches at each. But the consensus seems to be that Bill Clinton’s speech was the best of the lot.

I agree with my political guru, @TheFix, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza:  Bill Clinton’s speech was one for the ages.

When I thought about why Bill Clinton’s speech was so great, I got right to thinking about him and his political gifts, and what emulating them could mean for my favorite politicians: women.

Here is the piece I wrote for Huffington Post Politics (it can now be found on the Huff Post Bill Clinton page; what a gas) and RH Reality Check trying to get a handle on this.

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Girls’ School for Politics Open Now

Girls’ School for Politics Open Now

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Good morning.

At the link above is my back-to-school blogpost, which appeared late last week in RH Reality Check and in Huffington Post Politics.

Though not all of you are enrolled in this school, if you are curious about the lessons it teaches, I think the post will be informative.

Related to this topic, September is the birth month of Jane Addams, one of America’s greatest politicians, though she was never elected to any government office.

The first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, among other great political acts, Addams was president of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom during another warring time in our history.

Of course, Addams wouldn’t have known and, if she had, she probably wouldn’t have liked, the term “girl power,” but that is what she was all about.

And that’s what we need to be all about, too. Read here, to learn how to think about girl power in these times.

Best wishes.


Why do women run for office? Because they are all feminists.

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This Fourth of July piece of mine, about “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for women,* was just posted in the Huffington Post Women feed.

Do tell me your thoughts and all the best for your Fourth of July weekend.



*Including women who would be president, e.g., Hillary Clinton and Michele Bachmann

What Does Sarah Palin Want? Looks Like She Has What She Wants.

What Does Sarah Palin Want? It Looks Like She Has What She Wants.

Dear Readers,

Last week, I was quite amused by the frustration of the (mostly male-pundit) mainstream media as it chased Sarah Palin around, wondering what she was up to and where she was going–both literally and figuratively.

By contrast, I thought she was pretty clear about what she was up-to. So, I wrote the piece at the link above.

Then, I scored a new and unexpected notch on my belt when various conservative outlets picked-up the piece. I’m now waiting for invitations to speak!