When Business Women Lead, All Women Win

Dear Readers:

At this link is a playlist of my holiday video for bSMART on how business women win — for all women — when they choose to enter public life.

Screen shot 2013-08-03 at 1.38.43 PM I also spoke about the importance of business women’s leadership in the public square while on my recent book tour for Every Day Is Election Day:  A Woman’s Guide. I stressed the importance of business women’s leadership as a strategy to advance themselves (as well as the public good). I recommended becoming more powerful by:

  • developing a political network and profile,
  • building and maintaining an influential public presence,
  • creating a unique and issue-based personal brand and message,
  • making a positive, note-worthy difference in women’s and girl’s lives, and
  • seeking public office, (whether appointed or elected).

I welcome opportunities to share this presentation in this great New Year, likely to be the biggest year ever for American women who seek public leadership. Why not be one of them!

Best wishes.


#GirlPolitics Big Apple Edition: September 2013

#GirlPolitics in New York City

Dear Readers:

I’m excited to be going to New York next week, after what I anticipate will be a wonderful Chicago evening with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Frances Beinecke, President of the Natural Resources Defense Council, discussing women’s political leadership. That free event is Tuesday, September 17th at 6PM at the Harold Washington Library. Thanks very much to my colleagues at the NRDC Action Fund for sponsoring.

It’s off to the Big Apple the next morning, where I will join Anne Roosevelt, head of the Roosevelt Institute, (570 Lexington Ave.), for a talk and book signing for #everydayiselectionday. That event is 6-8PM and also free. To RSVP (your friends are invited, too), write to: events@rooseveltinstitute.org.

And, then, a first for me:  a photo shoot (with bsmart)!

Best wishes this beautiful September day.