Beyonce Sings Her Heart Out

Dear Readers:

Sunday, Beyonce joined Diana Ross, Madonna and Janet Jackson as a Super Bowl halftime  star. Would she lip-sync, some joked. Not a chance: just as she did at President Obama’s inauguration, once she hit the stage she did her thing live and in living color.

While I listened and watched as Beyonce sang inauguration day, I got to thinking, and then I got to writing:  She sings two anthems, but President Obama only listens to one.

Her personal anthem is: “Who Run the World (Girls).” Yes, I’ve written about this song before: I love the song and its message. Alas, we’re not running the world, at least judging by who sits in President Obama’s most important Cabinet seats (State, Defense and Treasury).

Women’s History Month will be on us in a blink-of-an-eye, and it’s already Black History Month: Let’s make some history and raise a little sand.  

 Ida B. Wells: One of the great “raise a little sand” originals.

Best wishes.


With Thanks to Beyonce: Chicago Women “Run This Motha” This Inauguration Day

Dear Readers,
Thanks to Beyonce´, I was inspired to write this piece for Chicagoans thinking about our upcoming and historic Inauguration Day.
Yes, historic for the inauguration of Rahm Emanuel, notable in so many respects, but in particular in my view, for his grounding in community organizing and hardcore political dealmaking. (I think that’s good, in case you’re wondering.)
But, the day is equally notable for the history two women will make:  Stephanie Neely, re-elected City Treasurer, and Susana Mendoza, newly-elected City Clerk.
In the context of Beyonce’s latest hit, “Run The World (Girls),” here’s an excerpt from my piece about the significance of Neely’s and Mendoza’s election:
“…(T)wo of three municipal officers to be sworn in are women. And not just any women, but an African-American and an Hispanic. And neither, by any measure, a stand-in or a yes-woman for anybody.”
There’s more here.  I think you’ll find the piece inspirational, as well as, per usual, provocative.