“Delightful and visionary; a lively, provocative, deeply thoughtful speaker on women’s leadership”* I speak about strategies for women to gain political power, policy influence, and greater visibility in the public square. I am particularly devoted to teaching professional women how they can utilize this strategy to enhance their career advancement.

(Think about it: this is just what the men do.)

Steadfastly, and in a variety of institutional contexts, I guide women who dream big and boldly, sharing the strategies and life lessons of women leaders who have led causes and campaigns benefiting women and girls.


Valerie Jarrett, former senior advisor to Barack Obama, and I at UChicago.

 I have spoken at: Starbucks HQ, AGL Resources, Navigant Consulting, Inc., Mesirow Financial, Publicis Groupe, the Women’s Funding Network, the University of Washington, University of Texas, Roosevelt Institute, National Conference of State Legislatures Women’s Network, TEDx Carleton College, Center for Women and Democracy, Delta State University, [The] Ohio State University, Chicago Foundation for Women, Seattle Girls School and the YWCA.  Here is my executive and speaking biography.

*Find these and other endorsements, here.