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I wrote Every Day Is Election Day to encourage political activism by American women who care.  I’ve attended many events to raise this flag. The event photo above is with public affairs strategist Becky Carroll.

“In her frank and practical first book (Every Day Is Election Day), public affairs strategist Sive, former member of the Illinois Human Rights Commission, provides a clear and persuasive roadmap to female political success, whether it manifests as a PTA election or political office….Offering the precedent-breaking strategies of Senators Mary Landrieu, Amy Klobuchar, and others, Sive holds out a helping hand to women in the political arena… She also strongly advocates to other women the importance of realizing their worth in every aspect of their lives. Sive’s facts’-based treatise, which includes a foreword by FDR’s granddaughter, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, provides a practical guide for any woman looking to break the political glass ceiling.”
—Publishers Weekly

It’s time to give two snaps for Girl Power, because Rebecca Sive’s new book, Every Day Is Election Day, encourages women to go after leadership roles…Rebecca’s books is an easy-to read guide…to just keep rising up.
—by Danica Davidson for MTV ACT

An activist and public affairs strategist’s intelligent, no-nonsense guide for women seeking to hold elected office…. essential reading for aspiring female policymakers and political leaders…While feminist movements have helped women make inroads into the halls of power, the world of politics is still dominated by males. In this take-charge guide, Sive offers practical advice to women on organizing successful political campaigns that can help women become anything from PTA presidents to U.S. senators and beyond….Commitment to a political life is no easy task, as Sive makes abundantly clear. Yet leadership positions for women are now not only possible, but necessary since the laws that benefit women ultimately benefit their families and everyone whose lives they touch.
—Kirkus Reviews

While I have yet to set my eye on political office, I still found Sive’s advice helpful in the workplace, as it can apply to any situation in which a woman is looking to become a leader, especially in environments dominated by men.
—BUST Magazine

“Every Day Is Election Day: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Any Office, from the PTA to the White House [is an] inspiring and practical book. Sive’s real-world examples, good sense and passion for her topic make Every Day Is Election Day extremely readable and valuable, whether you are an aspiring politician or interested in advocating for women’s advancement and equal rights.
—Jewish Woman magazine

If you want to have an impact, change the status quo, and be a game changer, read this book. I guarantee you will not regret it one bit.
—by Emily Spangler, former co-director and publisher of ProgressWomen

“Reading stories from the lives of successful female politicians is truly inspiring. Since the 1960s, women have been told they can do whatever they want, but they haven’t been given the practical knowledge to back it up. (Every Day Is Election Day) is a societal road map actually showing young women how they can achieve their goals in a culture that still views them as inferior, and for young, opinionated women who long to make a difference in the world, it’s long overdue.
—by Cienna Madrid for The Stranger

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