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“[Two Broads Talking Politics is] a best political podcast.”
Parade magazine
The podcast includes more than 70 episodes of the #VoteHerIn series, co-produced and co-hosted by me.
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The Podcast Series

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A podcast and video series I co-produced and co-hosted with Kelly and Sophy of Two Broads Talking Politics podcast.

Inspired by my book, Vote Her In: Your Guide to Electing Our First Woman President, in 77 episodes beginning in February 2019, #VoteHerIn explored the strategies and campaigns to increase American women’s political power and influence in the modern era of women’s political advancement. The program showcased women authors, policy advocates, and office-holders across the nation who lead the movements to elect and appoint women to public office and advance women’s equality. Committed to the imperative of diverse women’s political leadership, and highlighting the messages and organizing strategies that work in today’s politics, in occasional special editions, the series also includes political artist friends who shared their art and their views on why feminist political art matters. 

Please join me and my guests at the #VoteHerIn Youtube channel

Podcast Highlights

While I loved every episode of #VoteHerIn, I've selected below a few episodes, in order to give you a feel for the range of women interviewed and the topics we discussed.
View all 75+ episodes of the #VoteHerIn series on my YouTube channel.

HerStory on the #VoteHerIn Podcast:

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