Twin Cities, Twin Events

Dear Readers:

I’m off to another M state. This time, it’s Minnesota.

Likely, the temps will be a lot cooler than Mississippi’s, but the people just as warm. In fact, I know this is the case, since I will be visiting with Carleton College friends-of-decades and their great women-leader pals.

Thanks to Beverly Jones Heydinger, chair of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (and great friend since freshman year Carleton College!), for providing the impetus for this evening’s gathering at, to include the terrific Erin Murphy, Majority Leader of the Minnesota House of Representatives. If you’re around and free, do join us. Here are the detes:


To register for the Women Winning event and to learn more about their  work, click here.


Saturday, I’m off to speak at the TEDx conference organized and hosted by alma mater, Carleton College. Hats’-off to Emily Balczewski, who produced it. To watch my TEDx talk live on Saturday morning, click here.

Best wishes for a wonderful day (sure is perfect today in Chicago for YWCA LeaderLuncheon, just as it should be for such a great organization.)


Back to the Future on Gay Marriage

Dear Readers:

I became a “gay voice,” upon the publication of this Huffington Post piece the other day.

I hope you’ll read this take on the latest in the 2012 presidential campaign, albeit in the social issues version of the campaign, not in the what-to-do about the economy version.

I didn’t focus on the fact until after the post appeared that I was writing on the eve of Mother’s Day. No matter: Most of all, this post pays tribute to my mother (and father). You’ll understand better when you read it.

Best wishes.