TABOO (topics): that would be sex, money and politics


Dear Readers:

The YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago will host TABOO on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 5:30pm at the Public Hotel in Chicago.

My longtime #GirlPolitics pal Christie Hefner will moderate. The panel will include Dr. Lauren Streicher (author of Love Sex Again), and Maggie Anderson, author of Our Black Year. No doubt, we’ll have fun and be provocative.

If you’re in-town, I hope you will join us. If not, let your friends who are know we’re around, in case they want to join in the fun.

All the best.


Right to Abortion about to Become Privilege of the Rich Only

Dear Readers,

Here are links to a piece of mine, published last week, on the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, in The Huffington Post and RH Reality Check.

Alternately titled: “Pitts is the Pits,” in honor of U.S. House of Representatives Member Joe Pitts, Republican from Pennsylvania, who chairs the House committee with jurisdiction over the matter of abortion funding, I let him have it in this piece. Time to disrespect these guys, just like they’ve disrespected us.

A couple days ago, Rep. Pitts said: “…the momentum [in Congress] is on the pro-life side…” [See here:]

Indeed, things really are going from bad to worse on this front. So, if there was ever a time you thought about getting involved in the fight for women’s reproductive rights, but you didn’t act on the thought, now is definitely that time to act.

Planned Parenthood, NARAL, the ACLU, the Center for Reproductive Rights; take your pick; there are lots of good options for activists.



Stupak-Stupid in (Women’s) Suffrage Month

Dear Readers,

Why oh why is this happening? Here’s the latest scoop, from my perspective.

At the links above, you’ll see my commentary on the President’s recent policymaking on the matter of access to abortion. These posts of mine elicited hundreds of comments on The Huffington Post, a symptom, I imagine, of interest in the topic.

As most of you know, I’ve not been a happy camper on this front.

Well, now, not even the President’s strongest allies at the national pro-choice women’s organizations are happy, either. They seem almost as distressed as I. They have submitted letters, called for reconsideration, and, I imagine, have had private meetings. [To no avail, so far.]

So, why, oh why, is this happening? Why is the President taking this course?

I can only conclude that the President is, in this instance, as he says he always does, making policy according to his own lights. In this instance, however, he damns the fact that pro-choice women elected him.

Well, the problem is that this latest approach of his just won’t work. Further, it seems a bad decision, if his goal is advancing women’s overall good health and preventive healthcare.

Whatever the reason for the President’s decision, it’s really, really important for each of us to let the President know our view. You can do that here: “White House dot gov.” This makes a lot of sense to me in this week when we celebrate women’s suffrage.



Abort the Executive Order

Dear Readers,

Here are my thoughts about the Executive Order the President signed yesterday, in the presence of Bart Stupak and his anti-choice cronies. I have to say this really, really doesn’t feel good.

Go to this link for the post at RH Reality Check: