VoteMenAreNotTheEnemy (002)

“As ever, a brilliant game changing way to advocate.”

I began my public career as a campus leader advocating for women’s reproductive health services. After graduation, I became a community organizer and moved to Chicago, where I built the Illinois Women’s Agenda, a statewide organizational coalition; the Midwest Women’s Center, one of the nation’s first; and the Women’s Issues Network, which produced a national campaign for RU-486, and a documentary featuring Cybill Shepherd narrating a gripping story.  I have advised celebrities, business leaders, public officials, philanthropists, and organizational leaders on women’s health, economic security, and civil, human rights, and social justice campaigns. Speaking of celebrities, I shared this Chicago Tribune platform with Sally Field and Michelle Obama, also writers of books the reviewer, columnist Heidi Stevens, “learned from and loved.”


Powerbroker” was the word used to describe my role as an advocate for women artists, in an article in American Craft magazine. What a treat to share that space with others I so admire.

The image below captures the Vote Her In commitment. The photo montage below is from my book tour for Every Day Is Election Day: A Woman’s Guide.


I advocate for equality in a variety of contexts. One is in the arts. Here are a recent clip and accompanying article in which I discuss #MeToo in the arts. And, here is an article recently published in Studio Potter magazine, which makes the case for women’s equality in the arts.

Below is an image of a teapot by noted ceramist Molly Hatch, also including books of mine, and other favorite books. Following, is a montage of images from my book tour for Every Day Is Election Day: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Any Office, from the PTA to the White House.