“Make no little plans”: they sure don’t in Seattle

Dear Reader:

In Every Day Is Election Day, I quote federal judge Ilana Rovner recommending always wearing purple (“the color of royalty”), so they never forget you. Well, I sure feel like royalty right-about-now, and it’s not because I’m wearing purple socks!

It is because I’m off to Seattle later this week for (five!) speeches about the advice and inspirational stories of #everydayiselectionday.

None would have happened without the leadership of Washington’s women leaders: wearing purple or not, royalty all, in-my-book.They were led by my sister-in-law, Cheryl Ellsworth (ably assisted by my niece, Haley Sive), and dear friend Anne Levinson, distinguished former judge and Seattle deputy mayor.

Thanks, everyone, from the bottom of my heart.

For you, reader, and in honor of these royal women, I share “Purple Paradise,” a photo of my garden. (Click here to get my Seattle schedule to share with Washington friends and colleagues.)

Best wishes.


Purple Paradise

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