No More Women on Top?

Dear Readers:

In the aftermath of last month’s Susan Rice drama, @HuntsmanAbby hosted a HuffPost Live segment,”No More Women on Top,” in which I participated, along with (Amanda) @ATerkel, Huff Post senior political reporter and politics editor. That day’s question: Does this mean no woman at State, Treasury or Defense, (the big three)? This day’s answer: Looks like.  (See today’s New York Times article,Obama’s Remade Inner Circle Has an All-Male Look, So Far.“)

I summed up my view of the Rice matter, and how women can win, in this piece: (Once Again), Hillary Clinton Teaches Us How to Run the Table (Are You Listening, Susan Rice?). If I do say so myself, please heed.
Meanwhile on the topic’s — that would be women in power — upside, and for your viewing pleasure (can’t get enough of this picture), see this.  Friday, I again joined Huntsman; this time to: “Meet the Class.” That would be the class in this picture.

Best wishes. It’s going to be a rocking 2013.


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