Can we talk? This cookie-baking and “cult of mom” strategy are driving me crazy.

Dear Readers:

Earlier this week I learned just how important moms really are to this election: landing on my desk early one morning was notice from Politico’s Mike Allen about a new report on the election and American moms, issued by Walmart. Later, I got to read about the Michelle Obama/Ann Romney cookie-baking contest. (Does anyone believe either one of them baked cookies any time lately? Or thought about it or even wished-to? If you do, text me.)

According to Walmart, “The candidate’s family lives are very important to ‘(Walmart) moms.'”

Not much of a surprise there. I daresay candidates’ family lives are very important to the rest of us too, including the opportunity for women candidates to run on an equal playing field because their right to have a family and run for office isn’t questioned by perpetrators of the “cult of mom.”

For this reason, I wrote this piece for Huffington Post, in which I suggest that the “cult of mom” is about denying women public power, not about respecting the family choices women public officials make. So are cookie-baking contests for the First Lady and would-be First Lady.

(A note to my Chicago-based readers: I was prompted to write this piece because of an experience Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan had at the Democratic National Convention.)

Best wishes.


P.S. Meanwhile, Check out Hello Ladies for a vivid summary of how American women are actually spending their time.

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