New ‘Networked Feminism’ Just Like the Old Networked Feminism: Organize or Die.

Dear Readers:

As I admit in this post for RH Reality Check, I’ve been out-of-pocket for a few weeks, working feverishly to get my book off-the-ground. But, I was feeling seriously trashed when I read the Forbes piece (discussed at the link above) about us old-timey feminists, which seemed to suggest the new generation of feminists is oh-so-much hipper. So, pen to paper I went.

Besides the fact that being hipper really isn’t the point, here is an excerpt from what I just had to say:

And this is exactly why the new networked feminism is just like the old networked feminism. Back-in the-day, we were fighting to cripple anti-women hate-mongerers (See #Rush Limbaugh), too. We, too, called-them-out, pressed their sponsors to disaffiliate, spread our message to like-minded sisters (and brothers). It’s just that we did it with telephones and copiers and fax machines, not social media.

“But the impetus to action–by both generations of women activists–is exactly the same: Beat back and organize against injustice, inequality, and sexism, not to mention against just plain haters.”

I hope you’ll click on the link above, and read the whole piece. Meanwhile, check the accompanying image out (see above and the RH Reality Check home page slide show); it’s very cool.



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