Huey Long advises Occupy Wall Street: Want an agenda? Take mine.

Dear Readers:

As I write in this piece, featured in Huffington Post Politics last week, I’ve written about Huey Long in these, (and other), pages before.

That’s because, as I also say in the piece, there is no one better than Long, excepting, perhaps, the authors of the Declaration of Independence, at making the case for economic justice in these United States.

Long says “what time it is,” to use a phrase of the Chicago streets, also now being occupied by Occupy Wall Street.

A friend told me that the appeal of Occupy Wall Street to many of her students is that it is theatre, as much as it is politics: I’m now hoping that as the theatre gets colder, and the play drags-on, Occupy Wall Street will read Huey Long on “share our wealth,” and share Long’s ideas among themselves.

Best wishes.


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