Pro-choice Jewish women are instrumental to President Obama’s re-election

Dear Readers,

After contemplating the horrifying notion of pro-choice Jews voting for a likely-anti-choice Republican presidential candidate, because they don’t like President Obama’s views on Palestinian statehood, I wrote the piece at the link above.

Thanks to Jodi Jacobson, editor of RH Reality Check, who posted it this morning.

Anyway, I really, really hope you are a reader of Jodi’s. She does amazing work.

Then, when you have a chance, go to today’s New York TimesIt discusses President Obama’s strategy of seeking votes in Colorado, say, because Ohio and other states like it are proving tough at the moment.

This is exactly why I’m suggesting that Jewish, pro-choice women voters are so important to President Obama’s election. We are Democrats through and through, and we live in Ohio and other big, tough “rust-belt” states. (Remember: Winner takes all in the Electoral College. Every vote counts.)

A happy new year to all and most especially to President Obama.

Best wishes.


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