I never thought Rev. Meeks wanted to be Mayor. Turns out, I was right.

“First, he dilly-dallied. Then, he claimed that the only way he could or would do it would be to remain as pastor of his church, clearly an untenable idea to anyone with a serious understanding of the voting electorate in Chicago…” Keep reading here.

Rev Meeks is history in the mayoral race department. [This link takes you to Rev. Meeks’s statement about dropping-out.]

The most interesting part of the statement is his recommendation that Carol Moseley-Braun and Danny Davis withdraw, too.

Now, why in the world, you might wonder, is he proposing this? Something to think about in the midst of all the holiday cheer. [Never a dull moment for Chicago politics junkies. That’s for sure.]

Happy trails.

Rebecca </

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