I hit The Washington Post (when I write about Michele Bachmann)!

Dear Readers,

Here is my latest post for The Huffington Post national Politics page: It’s my take on: My favorite prairie home companion.

As the holidays approach, it’s sentimental fun to think about “…over the river and through the woods,” “the little house on the prairie,” and Lake Woebegone, even though most of us don’t live anything like that these days. But, this week, when I thought “prairie,” I thought about Minnesota’s wonderful U.S. Senator, Amy Klobuchar.

In my piece, I put the maybe U.S. Senate match-up between Amy Klobuchar and Michele “Tea Party” Bachmann in the context of what’s at stake for the rest of us.

Here is the link to The Washington Post piece, where Chris Cilizza, Washington Post political columnist, comments on my post.

Here is the link to the dust-up about my post in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Last, here are the very thoughtful words of a friend, commenting on what’s at stake:

“I really liked your essay, especially your dissection of Bachmann’s and Klobuchar’s relationship to the Pledge. We do have these bedrock principles and values, and yet Bachmann dismisses them while mouthing her support of them. On the other hand, so many of these political match ups between strong politicians like Klobuchar and right-wing politicians like Bachmann frighten me because I no longer see with certainty that voters will distinguish between the good and the bad. The distortions that the right-wing uses to secure its gains appear to have no boundaries, and when they can make someone like Michele Bachmann appear to be a mouthpiece for freedom, there’s no saying what they’ll do to someone like Amy.”



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