The big fish, that would be Rahm Emanuel, stared him down

Dear Readers,

In the end, Tom Dart didn’t have it in him is the title of my piece in today’s Huffington Post.

For those of you who are non-Chicagoans, Tom Dart is the high Sheriff of Cook County. He was widely considered to be (until yesterday), along with Rahm Emanuel, the most viable candidate for Mayor.

However, he’s backed-out now, along with a bunch of other folks who had something to contribute, as mayoral candidates, to the civic dialogue Chicago needs before we elect our next mayor. I’m hoping they’ll still weigh-in, albeit from a different vantage point.

As luck would have it, right before this happened, I’d pitched an important national magazine about writing an occasional piece about the mayoral, since this mayoral looked like it might shape up as one important test of the President’s views (and his coattails), since it looked like Rahm would have stiff competition. Now, that’s not as clear.

As you might guess, I really wanted to focus on what would be the dialogue, in that highly-competitive context, about the needs of Chicago’s women. Well, here’s hoping there will still be a serious dialogue. I, for one, will push for it.

Anyway, check-out today’s piece: I think its larger message is an important one in these days when we cry-out for good, but also strong (enough), candidates for important public office.

Here’s that message, courtesy of my favorite political philosopher (that would be former Chicago Mayor, Harold Washington): Politicians–women, men, Democratic, Republican, whoever– take note: Unless you’re willing to cut them (the opposition) off at the knees, don’t get in the ring.

Happy Halloween to all, but, especially, to my wonderful and right-thinking (that would be to the Left, of course) sister, Helen. Happy birthday, Helen.


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