How a woman wins the race to replace Mayor Daley

Dear Readers,

How a woman wins the race to replace Mayor Daley: See top-featured post (as of now, and for the last day), at Huffington Post Chicago, in which I present my take on how this could get done.

And here’s a fun way to keep track of the (mayoral) players; for, as someone said, albeit in a different game-context, as many players as there are right now, how could you possibly keep track without
a score card? Well, thankfully, some very clever people have
created one.

Right now, this all is quite amusing, at least for those of us not trying to raise the millions it will take, or trying to figure out how to recruit the neighborhood organizers who really know how to make things happen. But, as those of you who’ve lived in Chicago for a while know well, it won’t stay funny for long. So, keep paying attention to what’s happening, if you would.

Meanwhile, if you need some motivation, remember that Chicago is a soulful, beautiful, big, important and wonderful place; it deserves the very best in its next mayor. Not to coin a cliche, but to repeat one: This city really is “Sweet Home Chicago*;” let’s all of us who care about it do everything we can to keep it that way.


*The best version of Sweet Home Chicago is by Magic Sam, heard best on the Delmark Records album, West Side Soul. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve listened to it, I could be a big donor to one of those mayoral campaigns: Check-it-out.

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