“Daleypalooza:” Rahmbo Rahmno: The Case for a Woman to Replace Mayor Daley

Dear Readers,

So, I decided to hit-the-ground-running on this one: Why not a woman mayor to replace Mayor Daley? Give me one good reason.

Here’s my Huffington Post piece in which I make the case: Rahmbo Rahmno….keep reading; it’s provocative:).

The piece was picked-up yesterday afternoon by Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax. [Rich gets credit for the “Daleypalooza” description of the circus that just opened under this (Chicago) big top.]

And, interestingly enough, the piece got picked-up right away by the Wall Street story page of USA Today. [I spend a bit of time in the blogpost writing about the LaSalle Street/Wall Street moneychangers-moneyraisers so accessible to Rahm.]

And, for a while there, the piece was the top post on the Huffington Post Politics Rahm page–above Michael Moore’s rant re “happy f—ing Labor Day.” It’s still there, along with all the other juicy Rahm-stuff.

This is all kinda fun, but, really, and mostly, it’s, literally, tragically, deadly serious. [We need to stop the dying in our streets, and rebuild our city, so that it works for all.]

As to serious, for instance, I’m getting e-mails–two just this morning–from highly-qualified women, at least as qualified as any man in the mix, if measured by commitment to this city and time working in its trenches. And, the names of other smart and gifted women have otherwise crossed my desk over the last couple days.

Does Chicago need some “queen-makers,” as one of my girlfriends put-it, instead of some “king-makers”?

Is it time for us Chicago women to put our political talents to use–for us–and to ask our sisters around the country for help? Let me know what you think.



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