My Labor-Day Week, Jane Addams-Birthday Week Rule for Girl Radicals

Dear Readers,

Forgotten Contributions: Women in Illinois History, an early project of mine, was a traveling exhibit that toured during the Bicenntennial.

Fortunately for the history we told, the exhibit traveled throughout the state, beginning at the federal building in downtown Chicago, and including a showing at the Illinois State Fair. As you might imagine, this was all definitely “a first.”

Along the way, the exhibit garnered a lot of publicity.

Fortunately for us young historians, working hard to make the case for the importance of women’s leadership in America’s great historical episodes, a woman by the name of Hannah Shapiro Glick made herself known to us, after she read one of these newspaper stories.

At this link, to the wonderful online magazine, Chicago History Journal, you can read Hannah’s heroic story, as I recounted it back-in-the-day. Along with the story, there are some great pictures, and a good reading list, including a children’s book about Hannah, for those budding feminists in your family.

Thanks to Sharon Williams, the Journal’s founder and editor, for re-publishing this piece.

Have a great Chicago women’s labor history week.


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