Stupak-Stupid in (Women’s) Suffrage Month

Dear Readers,

Why oh why is this happening? Here’s the latest scoop, from my perspective.

At the links above, you’ll see my commentary on the President’s recent policymaking on the matter of access to abortion. These posts of mine elicited hundreds of comments on The Huffington Post, a symptom, I imagine, of interest in the topic.

As most of you know, I’ve not been a happy camper on this front.

Well, now, not even the President’s strongest allies at the national pro-choice women’s organizations are happy, either. They seem almost as distressed as I. They have submitted letters, called for reconsideration, and, I imagine, have had private meetings. [To no avail, so far.]

So, why, oh why, is this happening? Why is the President taking this course?

I can only conclude that the President is, in this instance, as he says he always does, making policy according to his own lights. In this instance, however, he damns the fact that pro-choice women elected him.

Well, the problem is that this latest approach of his just won’t work. Further, it seems a bad decision, if his goal is advancing women’s overall good health and preventive healthcare.

Whatever the reason for the President’s decision, it’s really, really important for each of us to let the President know our view. You can do that here: “White House dot gov.” This makes a lot of sense to me in this week when we celebrate women’s suffrage.



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