Springfield: Look Out: There’s a New Woman in Town

Dear Readers,

Below is the link to the Pioneer Press article, telling the story of Robyn Gabel’s win in the Democratic Primary for Illinois State Representative in the 18th District.

The seat was vacated by another great woman, Julie Hamos, who, unfortunately, lost her primary fight, and held before that by yet another great woman, Member of Congress Jan Schakowsky.

Robyn exemplifies–in her person, her career, and in this fight-to-the-finish–the best of those who would be our elected leaders.

Read more about Robyn here: http://www.robynforrep.com/.

Robyn’s victory is especially sweet for those unabashed feminists among us. For, from her earliest days in Chicago, and every day since, she has fought for women’s rights and opportunities–without flinching, retracting, dumbing-down, or in any other way sacrificing this core commitment.

This is mighty, mighty special. I, for one, am thrilled that the voters of the 18th district recognized this ever-so-needed quality.

And, in the face of the not-so-subtle and, in my view, sexist, digs at her age, from her younger male competitors, Robyn proved, not they, the true meaning of audacity, hope, and change, not-to-mention the power of a lifetime of hard work and commitment to social justice.

Read here: http://www.pioneerlocal.com/evanston/news/2026428,evanston-18thstatehouse-020410-s1.article

So, in the midst of the doom and gloom you may be feeling about current public life and failed public policy, cheer for this victory and for Robyn, most especially.

Best wishes.


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