Carol Marin asks: “Why aren’t women running for office?”

Good afternoon, readers.

On this day, the National Day of Action (to prevent Stupak), when America’s women are in one of the biggest political battles of the last 50 years: battling to prevent the Stupak Amendment from becoming law, think about where we might be, instead, if more women were in high political office.

Would there be such misogynist legislation taken seriously, approached with such respect, from the White House on down, if women held office in greater numbers?

I don’t think so, even though I don’t believe that women are “purer” or “better” than men–one of the main reasons my hero, Jane Addams, gave for the need for women to be active in the “public sphere.”

Carol Marin takes a look at the reasons for the dearth of women in high (elected, political) places, in her column in today’s Chicago Sun-Times. Here’s the link:,CST-EDT-Carol02.article.

Carol concludes by saying: “…it’s up to us women to take the risk. And run.” Hear, hear. Yes, yes.

Check-out Carol’s column. And when you’re done, if you haven’t already, go to :, to find out how you can lobby Congress today.


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