The Olympic Women’s Movement

Good morning,

As we await news of the Olympics–for good or bad overall–if Chicago is the site of the 2016 Olympics, the effort will provide a singular context for Chicago’s women to shape our city and improve the the lives of the women who live in it.

In my latest post for Today’s Chicago Woman, I’ve written about what it will take to mobilize. Click here:

Here is an excerpt from my TCW posting:

“What sorts of women are leading Chicago today, and what can we learn from their experiences?

“In this era of management books and leadership gurus, it almost goes-without-saying that there are different leadership styles; we’re now all well used to that. But leadership style is one thing; one’s persona is something else again.

“I was tipped-over-the-edge–on this topic of leadership–when I read about the midnight-Saturday resignation of one of President Obama’s (male) aides, apparently because his too-left-wing past life had become too much of a PR burden for the White House.

“Then, I tried to picture myself in Van Jones’s shoes, having been a political appointee a couple times, myself. Notwithstanding this experience, I found it very hard to do.

“Why is that, I wondered? Then, it came to me: there are archetypes of female leadership, and, depending which one you are, odds-are, you’ll have some experiences, but not others.

“Indeed, no matter one’s expertise, knowledge, or relationships, one’s persona may be the driver of one’s fate.

So, here we go: I’ve come-up with five archetypes I see, in today’s-Chicago-woman’s leadership world, but some a whole lot more than others.”


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