Sweet (Oh so sweet) Sixteen

You need to go to the 17th entry on the Crain’s Chicago Business, just-published list of the highest-paid CEO’s of Chicago’s not-for-profits to find a woman.

Once you get there, you see that that woman is Deborah Rutter, head of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, coming in at a cool $448,000 and change.

But lest you think that ain’t bad, here’s an interesting factoid: David Mosena, head of the Museum of Science and Industry, rolls-in at way-cooler number-two, at a way-cooler 1.1 million and change, yet the assets he manages are significantly less than those managed by Ms. Rutter.

Something’s (seriously-wrong) with this picture, people.

Here are some other quick observations:

–Of a total of 25 people listed, five are women. All but Deborah are among the last on the list, i.e., numbers 19, 21, 22 and 25.

–And here’s another goodie: Number 25, Elizabeth Glassman, President and CEO of the Terra Foundation for American Art, like Deborah Rutter, manages institutional assets almost twice the size of those managed by David Mosena, Mr. Way-cool-number-two.

Truth-be-told, I’m wondering if I’m reading this right. It is late, after all.

If I’m not, call me, quick, ’cause I’m really, really bummed-out by this little chapter.

But, if I am right, I call again for the formation of the 51% club, an organization for the demographic majority of Chicagoans, fighting for the rights of that majority; that group would be women, by the way.

For I’m of the view that governments, including the governments of not-for-profits, should be of the people, by the people, and for the people. And, as it happens, in this (municipal) case, that would be people who are women.

When I turn to the Crain’s list of “Chicago Non-Profits’ Highest Earners: Other Employees,” I see that number one on that list, at a way-way cool 1.3-million-and-counting, is Susan E. Manske, the chief investment officer of the MacArthur Foundation.

My takeaway from all this? Remember the term “math anxiety”? Well, women: If you’ve got it, get-over-it; for math is the way to success in the not-for-profit world, not social work. Alternatively? Be a man.


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