“She did not get a beer with the boys.”

Dear All,

So, here’s Roger Simon bright and early this morning on the guys having a beer at the White House last night:

“Three amigos get suds, she gets scorn”

“She did not get a beer with the boys. Lucia Whalen was not invited to the White House.

“The three amigos — Henry Louis Gates Jr., James Crowley and Barack Obama — threw down some cold ones on the South Lawn on Thursday as the whole world watched this ‘teach-able moment’ on race in America.

“And they deserved a drink. They had been through so much! How they had suffered!

“In reality, only Whalen, the woman [italics and asterisk mine] who called 911 on July 16 to report a possible break-in at the Cambridge home of Gates, acted responsibly from beginning to end in this whole affair.

“And she didn’t even get a free drink out of it….”
For the rest of the story, go to today’s Chicago Sun-Times: http://www.chicagosuntimes/.com. I saw the column in the Sports Final, page 22.


*Talk about a “teachable moment:” That all-American-boy image of quaffing a beer in the backyard on a summer afternoon just wouldn’t have been the same, had a woman been in it.

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