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Make HerStory Your Story

Your Guided Journal to Justice Every Day for Every Woman

by Rebecca Sive
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Every. Woman. Can. Make. Herstory. Her Story. That’s the inspiration for my new book, a guided journal and workbook for women advocates and activists: Make Herstory Your Story: Your Guided Journal to Justice Every Day for Every Woman. 
Make Herstory Your Story is a tool to help today’s activists find and raise the volume on their own voices and formulate a plan for change. The illustrated journal and workbook includes more than 50 inspirational graphics and writing prompts that will move readers to journal their dreams into reality. The book is organized into three sections: Imagine. Create. Organize. It aims to create the life every woman and girl deserves with practical advice for building projects, organizations — and even movements. Make Herstory Your Story is for every woman who dreams of making the world a better place and is committed to doing the work to get that done.

Make Herstory Your Story reminds us that every woman — not just the rich, powerful or famous — can have a positive impact on her community, changing the world for all. This is a book that champions the quiet but powerful voice in each of us that wants to be heard.

Make Herstory Your Story is ideal for individuals seeking to move from concept to action, or for groups of activists seeking a forum for discussion and a springboard to action. Although written with a female audience in mind, its message transcends gender, making it a useful tool for today’s changemaker. It is for every person who dreams of making the world a better place and is committed to doing the work to get that done. 

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In this video, you can preview the leadership guidance you’ll find in Make Herstory Your Story.
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“Rebecca: I am grateful to you for adding your voice to the essential conversation about women’s leadership that we need to have as a country.”
The Hon. Hillary Rodham Clinton
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About Me

I write, speak, teach, organize, and advocate for women’s political power and influence. I champion causes and women who care. 

Through my podcast, #VoteHerIn, books and other writings, I motivate women and girls to follow their dreams and work hard to achieve leadership, influence, and a powerful voice for justice for all.

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Notable Figures in My HerStory

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