I  speak, write, and teach about strategies for women’s leadership and power in the public square. My common-sense approach is outlined in this article in Cosmopolitan magazine on the possible #POTUS run of  U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, and in these recent writings of mine:  here,”For riled-up women…” and here, discussing the lessons the great women’s leader, Jane Addams, has to teach us. (Indeed, we follow in the footsteps of Addams, Ida B. Wells, and so many others. In this context, I was honored to be here; see image below, where they would be, too.) 


When I speak, I seek to be inspirational, direct, and clear-headed about the opportunities for women to achieve public power and policy influence, in order to make the world better for everyone.  Below is a clip in which I talk about my approach. Other clips are elsewhere on this site, along with samples of my writing, my bio, and anything else I thought pertinent! Do be in-touch, whenever you would like.